Order the 52 Week Wives In Prayer Guide today for you and your prayer group.

To purchase the 52 week Wives In Prayer guide, email Tami Chelew at TamiChelew@gmail.com.

At the request of our users who were interested in saving time, and costs (including shipping costs),  we are no longer sending fully printed WIP guides.  Instead, our new delivery of the WIP guide is sent to you electronically as a PDF document that allows you to print the guide yourself, or use the guide electronically on your computer, tablet or mobile devise.

Or, you may also print the guide yourself at home, or consider having it printing locally at one of the retail printing stores such as Staples or FedEx/Kinkos.  These tend to be very reasonable and will cost less than $15 in most cases.

Resulting from this change in no longer shipping printed guides, we have reduced the price of the electronic guide to only $10 each.

Price = $10 for the electronic PDF copy of the guide.

Once you email Tami, she will respond to you with the electronic WIP guide and you can then pay through PayPal that is linked to TamiChelew@gmail.com.

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