Headshot 09-13Wives in Prayer (WIP) is a ministry where like-minded wives come together to lovingly support their husbands through prayer each week.  WIP was started approximately 14 years ago by Tami Chelew.  Tami created a simple Prayer Guide to help keep the meetings focused and provide a simple convenient format for guiding the time of connection and prayer.  This prayer guide includes a year’s worth of scripture-based prayers that will encourage and equip wives to pray on target for their husbands.  We recommend that each woman in the group purchase the WIP Prayer Guild.  You can purchase the WIP Guide on this site by selecting the Payment Methods on the right sidebar of this site.  For more information, see the “How to Purchase” menu.

In September 2008, Karen O’Connor wrote and published a great article in Christianity Today’s Marriage Partnership magazine titled “The Prayers that Changed Husbands” that featured  Wives In Prayer.  I encourage you to read that article for insight about this wonderful ministry and how you can start your own group yourself.  The link if featured on the right column and can be found here or on the link in the right sidebar.

Order WIP Prayer Guide WIP Prayer Guide @ $25.00

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